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‘I’m Never in Bed in the Middle of the Day’ – Are Influencers Out of Touch With Reality?

Simply get up and work!

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Influencer Tara Lynn has gone viral after posting a video in which she called out people for being ‘lazy’. She is certainly not the first, and she is unlikely to be the last.

Tara made a video commenting on how most of her friends on the social media app BeReal are always in bed. She claims she is always productive and that this has made her feel good about herself. The video ended with a forceful ‘get out of bed!’ After receiving hate for the video, she posted a response claiming she was just joking. After receiving so much hate for the video, Tara took the video down.


♬ original sound – tara lynn

Tara Lynn (taraswrld) is a twenty-three-year-old influencer best known on Tiktok. She has 4.8 million followers on the app and 114k subscribers on Youtube. The video was controversial for many reasons. One creator, @imthebirdie, stitched the video and pointed out that Tara was sending her large following: it is not okay to rest.

Rest is productive. You don’t have to work 25/8 to be producitve.

@iamthebirdie #stitch with @taraswrld literally go take the stick out of your bum and take a nap, Tara. #restisproductive #takeabreak ♬ original sound – imthebirdie

And then there is the blatant ignorance of her own privilege. People are in bed during the day for numerous reasons: mental illness, physical illness, burnout from school or work, or maybe they work night shifts. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the resources to become an influencer. Not everyone wants to be an influencer.

Another user summed up her privilege perfectly saying, ‘your life is easy and luxurious, which makes it feel like it’s productive because you could take a sh*t and you’re going to get money for it either way.’

@notsojayntle #stitch with @taraswrld her liking tana should’ve been my ? #fu #fy #fyp #foru #foryou #forupage #foryoupage #taraswrld ♬ original sound – jordan

Users were riled up even more after Tara released another video after she went viral, claiming to be joking. Many have pointed out that it only became a joke after she received hate. Others have said it was not a laughing matter either way. She has since uploaded an apology video.

Tara’s video was incredibly out of touch with reality, and it’s not the first time we have seen this. It echoed Molly Mae Hagues’ interview on ‘The Diary of a CEO’ podcast in which she claimed, ‘Beyonce has the same twenty-four hours in a day that we do. We’re given one life, and it’s down to you what you do with it.’

We also saw the same energy from Kim Kardashian. Her advice for aspiring businesswomen was ‘get your f*cking asses up and work.’

Influencing is a relatively new job to have. Self-made influencers certainly have more work to do in order to gain a platform, but even so, it is not the same as working a 9 to 5. Making money is not as simple for everyone as posting a picture on Instagram.

That is not to say that influencers have never known struggle – they are still human. It’s more about recognizing their privilege and not hating the rest of the world for taking a nap.

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Hi! I'm a third year English student at the University of York who spends too much time on TikTok and likes to write about it.

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