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Fitness Brit Mimics His Girlfriend’s ‘Healthy Living’ Instagram Pics

Using beer and chicken nuggets.

The English have been entertained by absurdist satire for decades, and this chap is bringing that style to social media in the form of a parody Instagram account.

Edward Lane, or ‘The Fitness Brit,’ as I’ve decided to rename him, has been embracing the roots of his comedic ancestors by creating a mockumentary-style Instagram account as a counterpart to his girlfriend’s account.

His girlfriend, Amy Hopkinson, has been accumulating an online following for quite some time, with her account @wellness_ed, which is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle via yoga, exercise and proper diet. Edward’s goal, however, is a little different.

The pictures on his account, cleverly named  @wellness_ted, mostly consist of him recreating all of the same pictures and poses his girlfriend posts on her own page, right down to wearing the same outfits she wears online — the pink sports bra is my personal favourite. In addition to showing off his yoga skills, he also likes to post pictures of the two main food groups in his diet: chicken and waffles. What could be worse for you than chicken and waffles, you ask? My answer: probably fish and chips.

Here are some of his masterpieces:

Yeah, that last one freaks me out too…

Edward’s lifestyle seems to be gaining popularity, check out this guy who claim to have created chicken nugget yoga!

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