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Donald Trump’s New Media Site Comes To An Abrupt End

The former United States President’s highly anticipated website has been taken down.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / CNBCTelevision

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, and more. There are various social media platforms for anyone to go on and express themselves and speak their mind. Well, not anyone. 

Former United States President Donald Trump has been ousted from platforms, like the aforementioned Facebook and Twitter, in response to him breaking these media sites terms of service. Trump did not take kindly to this, in turn creating his own blog for him to get his message out: a blog that did not even make it a month. 

The blog/site titled, ‘From The Desk of Donald J. Trump’ was originally released in May, but was shut down on June 2, 2021 after Trump’s posts were receiving as few as 2,000 shares on Facebook.

I really do not know what to make of this. I get that Trump wants to get his message out to his followers, but at the same time, I personally feel his “message” promotes hate and violence. I know I am not alone in thinking that, but regardless of that Trump and his following will continue to push their narrative.

Still, this news is somewhat surprising to me. Trump’s team shutting down his website two days before Facebook announced he would be suspended for two more years seems like very odd timing, but then again, I am not close with number 45. 

What I do now is that Trump will continue to make a push towards creating a new social media platform. Jason Miller, senior advisor to Trump, announced that despite Trump’s original website being taken down, the plan is to start up a brand new website. Only time will tell what that site looks like, but this is news is just supporting the fact that Trump is not going away anytime soon. Heck, he may even be running for office once again in 2024, and I am sure that will bring lots of controversy.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels / Polina Zimmerman

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