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Discover The Twitter Feature That Lets You See Which Topics People Follow

This Twitter feature lets you see what topics other people are following.

Credit: PxHere
A sneaky look at the topics Twitter users follow reveals a lot about their personal preferences, some more than others.

Introduced in 2019, Twitter topics allow users to follow different conversations. While it’s a great tool for keeping up with any interests, it also provides insight into other people – if you know how to.

Take Elon Musk for example, we know he’s a space enthusiast but did you know he’s into PC gaming, too?

And if you really want something to talk about, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is one for roleplaying games.

Plus, the mysterious singer-songwriter Sia let it be known that her best-loved idols are Céline Dion and Katy Perry, at least on Twitter.

So here’s the simple way to use this feature, just type /topics at the end of a person’s Twitter profile URL, and there’s a possibility of seeing into their soul.

Of course, not everybody on Twitter chooses to follow topics. Supposedly, many would want to keep their preferences hidden, but it’s more interesting if they don’t.

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