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Photos of Greta Thunberg Are Moving Office Workers Away From Plastic

Photos of Greta Thunberg are making workers think twice about plastic use.

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Climate change is a really “hot” topic, and 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg has been pushing the topic of discussion to the forefront. The Swedish teen has become the face of climate change activism, helping put together the largest climate protest in the history of the world. And even though Thunberg has become a global figure traveling the world, she is still making an impact on people’s lives; even if she isn’t physically there.

Photos of Thunberg have been placed around workplaces in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The goal? To deter office workers from using plastic. 

This is a great, fun way to try and get people to be more environmentally conscious. Some of the pictures posted around these offices are hilarious. I think the one from the Tweet below is my favorite.

And I know that this is cute and fun, but I definitely think the pictures are helping with Thunberg’s plan to help save the planet. I mean, if I was in one of these offices and was greeted with a death stare from Ms. Thunberg for picking up a straw, I’d probably think twice the next time I attempt to grab one, even if I’m not at work.

Thunberg’s impact on the movement to conserve the environment is undeniable and these pictures prove it. It is crazy that a 16-year-old girl has been able to accomplish so much. She’s even got people in Italy making straws out of pasta!

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