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Our Pick of the Best Tweets From The Past Week

Twitter can be a really toxic place to be, but it also comes with plenty of laughs.

Twitter can be a really toxic place. Political discussions and hateful comments can fill the timeline from time to time: just like every other social media platform. That is especially true this past week when United States’ President Donald Trump was permanently suspended from the website.  

At the same time, Twitter can be a very lovely place filled with love and a lot of laughs. And if you ignore the politics and jerks in the comment section, you get the chance to see some of these great tweets:

I am sure everyone can relate to this tweet. The coronavirus has made plenty of people paranoid. For example, earlier this week I had kind of a scratchy throat. I then proceeded to sniff everything in my house to make sure I didn’t lose my sense of smell (I did not).

Imagining Kanye West saying, “I will never make a diss record” in an Italian accent makes me laugh harder than it should.

But I am not going to lie, it took me way longer to understand the tweet than it should’ve. I read it as Kanye wanted it to be read, saying that he would never make a song diss towards anyone. So when I saw the quoted tweet, I was confused as to why that made Kanye Italian. From there I decided to use my brain a little more, helping me understand the joke that previously went over my head.  

If you live somewhere cold, this tweet is all too relatable. You are in a rush to get to work, stressed to the max, when you realize you have to scrap your windshield off. So instead of scraping the whole window, you just do enough to make sure you can see where you are going. 

AriZona beverages are famous for there $0.99 cans of sweetness. So if they decide to bump that price up to $1.29, I am sure a lot of people will have something to say. Still, the caption on this tweet is hilarious.

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