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Las Vegas Driver Attempts to Fill His Electric Car with Gasoline

What kind of gas does an electric car run on?

Credit: Justin Flom

Tesla vehicles are known for many things, self-driving capabilities, the built-in tablet with internet connectivity, streaming services, the app, and is fully powered by ELECTRICITY. Clearly, this new Tesla owner was unaware of that last feature as he can be seen attempting to fill up a non-existent gas tank. 

The man does a full search of his car checking the charging port, both the front and rear trunks, and the other side of the vehicle before presumably doing a google search to find the root of his issue. 

Credit: Justin Flom

We see the moment he views the result of his search as he looks up and shouts a dramatic expletive. Luckily, he didn’t get too angry at the situation and simply got in the car and drove away(likely to a charging station)

Credit: Justin Flom

While he’s going through this ordeal a number of people pass by with inquisitive looks on their faces as a Tesla car should NEVER need to stop at a gas pump. The group recording make their own assumptions as to why the car owner was oblivious to the  problem at hand

he tried to put GAS in his TESLA 🤣

he tried to put GAS in his TESLA 🤣Posted by Justin Flom on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The video currently stands at around 90k views. Many people commenting either their own jokes about the man’s blunder or proposing their theories as to why he was seemingly unaware of the vehicle’s electric nature.

Sure, this must’ve been embarrassing but not more embarrassing than being caught selling literal swastika necklaces like the fashion retailer discussed in this article by Nafisa Hossain.

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