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Could Killer Clowns Be Making A Comeback?

The craze that gripped America last Halloween.

Clowns. I think that we remember then one of two ways. Either they are the funny characters that are usually found filling time in the circus, or they are the terrifying kind that will make you check under the bed every night for years.

However 2016 brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘Killer Clown’.

As sightings of these clowns became more and more frequent, along with the increasing amount of them that were carrying weapons, a fear of clowns was becoming more and more common.

Dressing up in fancy dress is fun and yeah so is giving someone a scare. We have all done that. It’s when people are genuinely scared for their lives that it needs to stop.

There is no fun in hurting others, stopping them from feeling safe on their own streets. Or causing children to become terrified of something that is supposed to be silly and make you laugh.

The police in Newcastle last year were becoming increasingly more concerned about clowns when frequent reports were coming in of them jumping out of bushes at children. Many other places clowns were chasing people down the street many with knives or some kind of menacing weapon.

Whether the intention is to simply have a lough and scare people a bit, or to seem cool please don’t take it too far.

The movie ‘It’ based on the Stephen King  novel has recently been released into cinemas and already we are seeing the ‘clowns’ start to make an appearance.

The movie I would 100% recommend, the other I wouldn’t. Scare a mate or sibling but please leave those on the street alone. People don’t watch horror movies for a reason, don’t make them live one.

Stay Safe! And check out the IT trailer!


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