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‘I Have a Joke’ is the Latest Viral Twitter Trend

Some of them are gold, some are terrible.


Viral content circulates Twitter daily, and the latest ‘I have a joke’ meme is gaining traction fast.

The meme starts with the line ‘I have a joke’ and ends with a witty or punny built-in reference. Unconventionally, the joke is the punch line. The joke can be about anything, which is what makes the trend so entertaining. It is a silly but clever meme, that is a welcome distraction from the trials of 2020 so far. We could definitely use some more light-hearted fun on Twitter, and this meme takes the cake. 

With many of us still relying on social media as our main form of contact, more and more people are getting involved with the ‘I have a joke’ meme, and there are some hilarious outcomes. 

Monica Lewinsky also jumped on the trend, making light of her affair with Bill Clinton with a tweet that quickly went viral.

The ‘I have a joke’ trend has definitely provided some much needed laughs and levity in these troubling times.

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