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Vegan Gets An Unwanted Mouthful Of Duck In What She THOUGHT Was A Falafel Wrap…

Betrayed by the falafel wrap…

Veganism is a growing practise which is becoming ever more popular and accepted. Going vegan in itself seems like no picnic, it’s definitely a lot of effort. So for their strict diet regime to be disrupted by something completely out of your control must be pretty annoying.

Due to the ever-growing popularity of veganis as a result of a general increase in awareness surrrounding animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry, there is more demand to supply vegan options. There is now an abundance of vegan options in cafes and restaurants, and in mainstream shops too.

Sainsbury’s is no exception here, and has plenty on offer for a healthy (or non-healthy) lunch meal. There’s options for meat eaters, pescitarians, and vegans. One of the vegan options being a falafel wrap, a common and delicious choice. This is the precise option student Isobel Lentaigne (21) thought she was getting when she picked up her lunch from Sainsbury’s. It happened to be on the same day she was taking part in a Vegan demonstration in Bristol. Isobel didn’t realise until later on that day what was really in her wrap.

Falafle WrapImage Via

‘I feel sick,” Isobel told the Bristol Post. “I had been taking part in the Anonymous for the Voiceless demonstration in town all day while I ate this wrap without realising what was in it.’

‘I ate half of it during the day and then put it in my bag. It was only when I got to the pub and actually looked at it that I realised.’ 


Vegans do have a bit of a reputation for being a bit melodramatic, and on occasion trying to shove their views done other’s throats. However, you can’t argue that this situation must have been extremely frustrating as it so violated her moral values and the years of conscious effort she put into not eating meat. While it was probably just a simple factory mix-up and not Sainsbury’s intending to disrepsect the Vegan Community, it’s still an error that can hopefully be prevented in future.

If you’re NOT a vegan and you love chicken… read HERE to find out about how chicken nuggets are FINALLY on the breakfast menu at McDonald’s!

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