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This Ulti-Meatum Cheeseburger Is Your Newest Food Obsession

Do you dare?

In your wildest dreams and in your deepest sleeps, images of food sizzle and melt behind closed eyelids, awakening your five senses to the appetite of a lifetime…only to wake up to find your fridge empty with only a bottle of mustard, an expired yogurt, and a jar of pickles on the door.

We can all relate to that kind of disappointment. We’ve all been forced to try the ramen noodle diet and ate jail-food-bread-and-cheese for dinner during hard times. But only by going through these rock bottom times can we then reach our creative potential.

Congratulations. You have now self-discovered yourself enough to bring your deadliest, delicious food cravings to life.

That’s how ‘Bringing with Babish’ came up with what he calls the “Ulti-Meatum”. You may call it ‘heart attack’ or any other artery-clogging disease that you see fit, but like all unhealthy things, the Ulti-Meatum looks hella tempting.

It’s a cheeseburger. That’s the most basic explanation I can give. ‘Bringing with Babish’ takes a cheeseburger, stuffs it into another cheeseburger and uses two deep fried cheeseburgers as buns.

Watch ‘Bringing with Babish’ bring this creation to life! You may even be courageous enough to try it out for yourself:


Maybe this will even start an Ulti-Meatum Meat Eating Challenge. Who knows? I, however, will not be partaking, but I will volunteer to write the article about you when you A) come up with a better food idea or B) check into your nearest hospital for eating such a thing.

While you dream up your wild food idea, this may be of interest to you: McDonald’s Invents Yet Another Food Challenge.

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