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The Number One Hamburger That Won The US Best Burger Awards Three Times

and the annual burger awarad goes to…

Image Credit: FoodieBoy / YouTube

The first-place winner of the US Burger Awards for the third time and from this video you can see why. Can you say food porn?

A true king of burgers and this video depicts the glorious assemblage from inception to creation. There may be a new type of relaxation video on the market and it is delicious.

There is something very quaint in watching all the various little elements of food brought together to make something that looks truly delicious for both the eye and the body.

Video Credit: FoodieBoy 푸디보이 / Youtube

Keep your eye out for more delicious videos on your various food porn outlets but always be safe and use a napkin.

If you are not quite satisfied just yet then click here to get your feed with less food more porn and the debate as to whether porn is good for you or not.

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