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Tesco Makes Summer 2k18 With PIMM’S Alcoholic Ice Pops

The nostalgia of childhood.. with a bit of alcohol 😉

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Do you want a very subtle and extremely refreshing way to get lit this summer? Look no further, because Tesco now has PIMM’S Pops in stock! These lemonade flavored ice pops contain 4.3% ABV and only 32 calories!

At only £2.50 for two 80ml pops, you really can’t go wrong. Check out their website and you can see that they also have other various flavors such as Vodka & watermelon, Prosecco & peach, Rosé & raspberry, and more. Just make sure your kids/younger siblings don’t take hold of one of these – they won’t know the difference!

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I’ve yet to try one of these PIMM’S Pops, but it’s almost guaranteed that these will be absolutely delicious. As much as I love pounding ice cold beers in the extreme summer heat – beers don’t keep me cool unless I reach to the bottom of the cooler and pat one across my forehead. These pops are a tasty and nostalgic rendition of the ice pops we loved as kids – with about 4% of added alcohol. These will simultaneously keep you cool and get you drunk, and that’s all you can really ask for in the summertime.

And if you haven’t made the best of your summer yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late! We got you covered with some dope end-of-the-summer plans.

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