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Super-Sizing Just Got Better With McDonald’s New McFlurry Party

Yet another reason to say “I’m Lovin’ It”!

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Isn’t it sad when you get to the bottom of your McFlurry? You always wish you had just one more bite of creamy deliciousness and crunchy mix-ins. Well there is good news. McDonald’s has just released the McFlurry Party meaning you can have an essentially never-ending McFlurry.

Credit: Delish

The giant “milkshake” is meant to be shared between 2 to 4 people, but let’s be honest, who ever shares at Mickey D’s? Though you might feel sick after eating the entire McFlurry Party by yourself, it would be a huge (and tasty) accomplishment.

Credit: Twitter

Perhaps coming to a locale near you?

Sadly, the Party isn’t available in England, the US, or Korea just yet. But, the newest menu addition can be found in France and Spain, right next to the neighboring UK!

The idea originally began in France and quickly spread to Spain, which gives hope to those in England that the delectable treat will be coming their way soon. Perhaps the dessert will eventually make its way across the pond so we in America can have a Super-Sized McFlurry. Because let’s be honest, the Super-Sized drink, fries, and burger are definitely not enough.

Credit: Melty Style

Though the US already has some great classic flavors (Rolo anyone?), the addition of France’s flavors like Speculoos and Kit Kat would sure be a hit. Let’s get this Party started!

Want to see more quirky but delicious items McDonald’s has recently added to their menu? Take a look here.

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