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Salt Bae Starts Blooming Romance With Dead Pig

This man takes seasoning very, very seriously.

The man known for pouring salt down his forearm…and onto your food to provide special ‘seasoning’, has decided to go all out.

After having the privilege to season Leonardo DiCaprio’s steak, Salt Bae is taking his madness to the next level. This type of behaviour displays a little too much admiration for the mighty pig. We all know bacon is great, but is it really that good?

Bae decided to stuff a tonne of red roses up the pigs rear-end and start dancing with it. It’s a bit of a strange date and it makes me wonder if anyone has ever gotten around to telling him that you shouldn’t play with your food. Upon finishing the pig’s last dance, he proceeds to prepare it for a tasy meal. He certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘I want to lick you all over.’

As long as he doesn’t move up a level in crazy world and start eating people, I think we’re okay. Although, I still find the way he touches that pig more than slightly disturbing…

Salt bae dancing
The chef, better known as Salt Bae, first rose to fame last month when a video of him using his signature salt-sprinkling moves became the subject of countless memes
Credit: Twitter/Salt Bae

If you want to read about the people that did go full psycho, click here.

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