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New Study Links Chicken Nuggets to Cancer

It’s common sense.

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Anything made in a lab or is considered “processed food” is definitely going to be cancerous to your body, no question about it. If it didn’t come directly from the earth, don’t eat it.

So if you already knew that, then it comes as no surprise that this new study revealed that chicken nuggets are linked to causing cancer. Scientists are not 100% sure (because when are they ever) but they suspect that consuming what they call “ultra-processed” food leads to a higher risk of cancer.

Here’s what the study concluded:

The study has found that a 10% increase in ultra-processed foods consumed was linked to a 12% increase in cancers. The study also found that processed foods made up 50% of the average person’s diet in several developed countries. This could be a major factor in rising cancer rates.

If confirmed in other populations and settings, these results suggest that the rapidly increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods may drive an increasing burden of cancer in the next decades.

However, this is a relatively small study and would need to be confirmed by more large-scale research to confirm the link between ultra-processed foods and cancer. Other factors, such as being overweight, smoking, excessive drinking, and a lack of exercise also need to be considered.

Just don’t eat processed food. If that isn’t common sense, then I don’t know what is. Yeah, you can’t resist, treat yourself every once in a while to some chicken nuggets. It won’t kill you, but it might just give you cancer.

While you wait for confirmation on that, check this out: Chicken Nugget Yoga is Actually a Thing!

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