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New Grilled Cheese Bacon Donuts in New York City!

Get it, while it’s hot!

Featured Image Credit: Clinton Hall

Just when you thought the world of Donuts could not get any bigger or better, they invented this new piece. This is for the Grilled cheese and Bacon lovers. New York City has made more food dreams come true with the new grilled cheese bacon donuts. I mean just take a look at this masterpiece.

I bet that looks delicious! Of coarse, it comes with tomato soup, because no grilled cheese is complete without it. Also, like all masterpieces it is rare and limited, so hurry up and get it!. It’s only available, as of now at Clinton Hall in New York City. Worst of all, they give out twenty day and only during weekends (Friday-Sunday). If you are considering going I would do some research to find out when they open, to guarantee that it will be there. They probably run out quick! Too bad Dunkin Donuts didn’t think of it first, because then it would be easier to get.

Here’s the website, for all who are interested in going: They have their menu on there too, so you can order more of their food that looks amazing.

For more amazing donuts check out these golden donuts made from Crystal Champagne!

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