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The Meatless Burger that ACTUALLY Tastes Like A Burger

A vegan dream come true.

A Vegan dream: The Impossible Burger smells, feels, looks and tastes like ground beef!

Made from genetically engineered yeast and part soy plant, this burger is the ultimate vegan dream. Its called the impossible meatless burger because what this food is, is in it’s name. It’s impossibly good, tasting like a regular burger without the actual meat.

Other ingredients in the burger include wheat protein and potato protein. The wheat protein helps it with consistency, making it firm and similar to a regular burger. The other ingredient, potato protein, helps the burger hold water so it can transition from a soft state to a more solid state while it’s cooking.

How does this burger taste so good?

According to the company who created it, called Impossible Foods, they believe that there’s a specific protein that gives meat it’s distinct taste. It’s a compound called heme and this compound holds iron. This gives meat it’s color and taste.

According to Wired,  “in blood, heme lives in a protein called hemoglobin; in muscle, it’s in myoglobin.” Goblins are also found in plants. Leghemoglobin is found in soy and this class of protein shares a structure similar to the myoglobin found in meat.

While the company claims this burger will change the food industry as we know it,  there are still some concerns from the FDA as to how safe this food is for  consumption. A small aspect of creating this burger requires genetic engineering which is still a very controversial topic in today’s age.

We don’t know what the future holds for this company or how this new idea could influence the future of agriculture, but we are certain that food engineering will continue to advance immensely in our society.

McDonald’s Tests New “McVegan” Burger ? Read more here!

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