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Man Figures Out Krispy Kreme Donut Recipe and Shares it With Grateful World

Australian man gives the world the gift of homemade Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts.

Ken Funakoshi/Creative Commons SA-2

Once every couple millennia, a demigod descends from the heavens and changes the course of human events. Some call this person the Messiah. Some call him the Prince of Peace. I call him Rob. Rob Nixon is the man who discovered the recipe for Krispy Kreme donuts and shared it on the internet. I’m not a religious person, but bless you, Rob.

Rob’s earthly disguise is that of an unassuming “family man,” according to his website. He runs his online cooking show, Nicko’s Kitchen, out of Perth, Australia (I know, who’d have thought God would speak to us through an Australian? The Lord works in mysterious ways).

Rob performs his good works by way of YouTube and Tik Tok videos. In the videos, he takes delicious treats that have earned their mother companies millions, decodes their secret recipes, and shares them with the masses. Sort of like the Val Valentino of the culinary world (he’s the dude who exposed all his fellow magicians’ illusions on national TV). Or Robinhood. Too many comparisons? 

Thank you, sir.
Rob Nixon/Nicko’s Kitchen Instagram

Before sharing the astonishingly easy way to cook Krispy Kreme glazed donuts at home, Rob lifted the veil on Burger King’s Whopper, and even McDonald’s french fries. I told you, this guy is a gift. If you’re worrying that you don’t have the skills to recreate the dishes, fret not. Rob offers simple instructions and most of the recipes require only basic ingredients. 

For the Krispy Kreme donuts you’ll need eggs, milk, sugar, yeast, flour, butter, and some nutmeg. And a vat of oil to fry them in. For the glaze you’ll need more sugar, water, and vanilla extract. From there it’s pretty easy: shape, fry, glaze, dry. It even rhymes! Get the exact ingredients and hear Rob’s twangy instructions by watching the above video.


Krispy Kreme/

You may put on extra weight after you try all his recipes, but you’ll save money. Plus, you’ll offer up the tastiest contributions at the next potluck, and you won’t even have to lie about them being home cooked!

Don’t have a sweet tooth? You’re in luck… there’s currently an excess of chicken wings on the market. This world has something for everyone.  

Featured image credit: Ken Funakoshi/Creative Commons SA-2

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