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Check Out This Largest Plate of Thanksgiving Food Ever!

Will he ever need to eat again?


This guy is not someone you want to be against in a food eating competition that’s for sure.

Matt Stonie is a YouTuber from America with some mad eating skills.

Now I know that thanksgiving is huge in America but what I didn’t realise was actually how much food there is.

It’s like Christmas dinner, only in some houses bigger and super early.

Although the way Matt Stonie does thanksgiving you’ll still be feeling it at New Year.

Check this out!

In less than 45 minutes Matt has gotten through roughly 10 and a half pounds of food and nearly 10,000 calories!

How is it this guy is so skinny, someone tell me the secret, please!

Check out some more of his amazing challenges here.

Could he beat the challenge McDonalds have issued?

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