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Japanese White Strawberries Are Worth As Much As Gold

Would you try it?

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The Japanese White Jewel is rare and prized. It’s bred to be bigger and sweeter than normal strawberries, and ends up costing more. Way more. People will shell out $10 per strawberry.

The White Jewel lives up to its name; shockingly white all the way through, even when fully ripe.

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Yasuhito Teshima is the only person that cultivates the White Jewel and in his video, he explains what it’s like to grow and sell white strawberries:

“… the whiter I grow these strawberries, the more obvious scrapes and imperfections become.”

“The flavor is something deep, something that doesn’t have a huge impact, but it does give you a slightly mysterious feeling and finally you understand it, and it is really, really tasty.”

You can watch his video here:

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