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Japanese Farmers Are Changing How We Eat Bananas – One Skin At A Time

Fancy eating some banana skin?

Credit: Did You Know?/YouTube

So we can now eat bananas, skin and all. Farmers in Japan have recently revealed that they have found a way to grow bananas that have edible outer skin. Because we are all dying to eat the skin of our bananas aren’t we?

The farmers, who work for Japanese company D&T, have found a process that dates back to the ice age (around 20,000 years ago), whereby they can speed up the process of growing bananas from approximately two years to four months.

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So, here’s how that process works. The bananas, dubbed Mongee (Okayama for ‘incredible’), are grown using a ‘Freeze Thaw Awakening’ process. Typically bananas are grown in tropical climates, but the saplings of this new breed of fruit are frozen at -60°C and then planted when thawed, which apparently recreates the growing process of the ice age. This then encourages the fruit to grow a lot faster and… we have the Mongee!

The crazy thing about all of this however is that the process was sort of developed by accident. Technical Development Manager at D&T, Mr Setsuzo Tanaka, started all of this as a sort of research hobby. Little did he know the crazy shit that he was about to kick-off!

Guess what? If this article hasn’t fulfilled all of your informational needs about this extremely random breakthrough, have a look below:

Speaking of fruit, how many of these weird fruit and vegetables have you tried?

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