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IKEA Has Just Rolled Out Their Own Cookbook

No need to feel like a nitwit in the Kitchen anymore.

Credit: Leo Burnett

For those who consider themselves to be amateur or underachieving chefs, have no fear, IKEA is here to lift the burden of whipping up a meal off of your shoulders. IKEA Canada’s recent collaboration with Leo Burnett, marketers from Toronto, is a huge step in redefining what a cookbook can do for a household.   

With easy to follow, blueprint-like guidelines, it’s almost impossible to botch a dinner prepared through Cook This Page: Parchment Recipe. The ink is also non-toxic (as you would imagine) and is completely safe to mingle with your food in the oven.

The on-page diagrams are very streamlined, as they not only show a dilettante chef the proper placement for even cooking, but there are also suggestions for the amount of sauce and seasoning that should go into a particular dish. Once every ingredient has been added to the parchment, it’s time to roll up the page and pop it in the stove.

To get a live display of the process, check out IKEA’s promotional video. I think the team says it best with the following quote, however.

If you are a big reader of foodie related things, then you are sure to enjoy this.

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