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Goodness Gracious Great Bottles of Whiskey- 4.5 Liters for £70!

Morrisons are putting on this insane deal over Xmas!

To all those adventurous shoppers, for Black Friday we hope that you were able to get your hands on these unbelievably sized bottles of booze. Budget superstore Morrisons have decided to sell huge bottles of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon and The Famous Grouse Whiskey.

These ginormous giants of alcohol were on sale for only £70. This could last you at least until the end of December while you are nice and cosy inside while the cold air blasts outside. Someone did the math and while you are saving on this huge bottle you can consider “they normally price a litre of whiskey for £23, you’re making a saving of £33.50 by getting this big one and knowing Morrisons they probably have some other crazy deal that you can spend £33.50 on whilst you’re there picking up your humongous bottle of whiskey. Oh yeah, here it is – £30 for a 1.75-litre bottle of Jaegermeister.”.

If you missed it there will be plenty of savings up until Christmas- they say the best savings are actually on Christmas Eve. Good luck and be safe!

While you are sampling your haul it might be good to know that drinking alcohol can help you speak foreign languages.

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