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Giant 2 Foot Long Pizza Slices Are Becoming The New Trend For Pizza Lovers

Size DOES matter.

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Have you ever wanted your pizza slice to be just a little bit bigger?

Well, now your wish has officially come true. These giant two foot long pizza slices will blow your mind!

This mouthwatering pizza slice needs to be held with both hands while being eaten. Found in a local pizzeria in New York City, this pizza is made with the usual mozzarella cheese, dough and marinara sauce.

However, its enormous size attracts customers from near and far.

Pizza Barn, Yonkers NY sells giant super slices of pizza for $10 each. They offer different types ranging from Regular Margherita to Spicy Buffalo Chicken and Hawaiian pizza.

However, Pizza Barn serves other kinds of authentic Italian food as well, such as pasta, salads, wraps and wedges.

The pizzeria opened in 1975 on the corner of McLean and Van Cortlandt Park Avenue. Today, Pizza Barn is still in its original location across from Pelton Park.

However, the pizzeria has only recently gained popularity due to a new viral Instagram video.

Long Island Beauty Pageant Winner Sarah Gould was responsible for popularizing this new trend. She bit into the giant slice while wearing a t-shirt that reads, “I want abs, but I want pizza more.”

I don’t think there even needs to be a choice between abs and pizza. The answer is pizza every time!

25-year-old Gould said she only made it half way through the massive slice. However, she was glad to get the other half to-go, so she could eat the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

If I was her, I’d try to finish that huge cheesy slice in one go! How can I stop myself from devouring that ASAP?

If you adore pizza just as much as I do, you should definitely check out the world’s most expensive pizza, which is also available in NYC!

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