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Drinking Raw Water Is All The Rage In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has jumped on the “raw water” trend, and it’s not as great as it seems.

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Drinking water seems as simple as that. Whether it be tap, bottled, with ice, warm temperate, we all have our own preferences of how we drink it. But “raw water” is how people take it in Silicon Valley. 

So…what’s raw water?

Well, raw water is untreated, unsterilized, and unfiltered water. Sometimes going au natural is a good thing. But in this case, it is believed that there may be some seriously harmful bacteria and possibly even animal feces in the raw water.

But despite these unhealthy possibilities, the price of raw water is pretty steep. A 2.5-gallon jug can cost $36.99 with $14.99 refills.

Eating and drinking all-natural foods is something that seems to be done by the rich. It’s not cheap to shop at Whole Foods, but the interesting thing is that it’s also not always the healthier option. There are some flawed statements that go around about untreated foods. Oftentimes people who can afford it hop on these expensive bandwagons without researching anything.

Is it due to a superiority complex? Is it due to just sheer stupidity? The latter seems far-fetched considering that the tech world that Silicon Valley refers to is packed to the brim with highly educated people. But just because you can code and have a degree from an Ivy League school, does not mean that you are immune from wanting to feel superior.

These trends like the paleo diet, raw dairy, and now raw water are not always as healthy as they seem. They are not cheap, and things that are more expensive are typically associated with healthier or just generally better.

Silicon Valley was recently in the news regarding its parties that seem to hold a superiority complex in themselves. Check out this Vanity Fair article to read more on the power struggle that is so present in Silicon Valley.

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