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Could Double Dipping be More Harmful Than The Five Second Rule?

Life is like double dipping, you never know if you’re going to get sick.

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A new study could prove that double dipping is actually way more harmful than even our old Aunt Pearl could have imagined.

How many times have you heard “no double dipping!” I heard it a lot growing up. Another food rule (who came up with these man?), is the five second rule. You know, you have five seconds to pick your food up off the floor and eat it before the germs set in. It seems there is some debate as to which rule is more harmful to human health.

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Food expert Paul Dawson from Australia claims that double dipping can actually carry more bacteria than eating food off the floor.

I expected there to be not really much bacteria transfer because of the small surface area on a cracker or chip when you bite it.

But we actually found there was 1,000 more bacteria per millilitre in the dip from when you bit the chip than when you didn’t.

That’s a significant amount … that’s more like a person-to-person transfer like the common cold and other contagious diseases rather than the typical food-borne illness like E.coli and salmonella.
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The five second rule is kind of like you’re playing Russian roulette.
It depends on the surface – if there is pathogenic bacteria on that surface, then no, it is not safe to eat.

But honestly, most surfaces are not going to have any kind of dangerous bacteria there.

Most of us have probably used the five-second rule and not gotten sick, but again it depends on the surface.

I think he makes a fair point. But how many people also share straws or cups, or do the Lady and the Tramp thing with their food? Germs are swapped all the time! Unless you’re in public. In which case there can be tons of strangers who might actually be harboring illness. But overall maybe double dipping isn’t so bad? Of course doctors and experts like Dawson will always prompt people to be cautious when it comes to food rules like this. But, do you know anyone who has gotten sick from double dipping, or being around someone who double dipped?

In other food news, edible 3D-printed food is real!

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