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Chicken Connoisseur Takes Over Channel 4

“Something that did really catch me off guard, man definitely chewed on a bone.”

The teenage master of all things related to chicken wings is about to get his own tv show. 

Coming out soon on BBC’s Channel 4 is Elijah Quhashie’s, better known as The Chicken Conoissesur,  “The Peng Life”. You probably remember the food expert turned television star from his breakout review of Totenham’s “Chick King” last year.

“Bare in mind fam” that this kid is super funny, young, and full one potential. He’s starting with a show centered around chicken wings but I think the world is his for he taking. He’s funny as all hell and should kill it just like his Youtube videos do.

Make sure to check out “The Peng Life” when it drops in the near future.

If this has your taste buds going crazy make sure you find out about the perfect chocolate cookie!

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