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Cannabis Infused Cotton Candy Is The Latest Trend In America

Check out the latest form of cannabis consumption in America.

During the long lasting debate over the legalisation of cannabis, America are one step ahead. Cannabis infused cotton candy seems like a great way to gain acceptance and change the stigma associated with cannabis. 

Vanessa Corrales from San Diego has gone for something completely different; cannabis and cotton candy. For some reasons these polar opposite products seem to be a great idea together.

You can get them in all sorts of flavours such as watermelon, apple, lavender and rose. They are all made from organic sugar cane containing THC. But the doses are quite high so this cotton candy may not be as innocent as it seems.

Vanessa said that she wanted to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis. She said in an interview,

“In order for me to break the ice I knew I needed to create something completely opposite of what I grew up thinking cannabis was.”

She wanted to attract not only previous marijuana users, but also develop the discussion around the consumption of cannabis. What better way to do that than to pair it with a much loved treat?

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Along with cotton candy, B Edibles sell cannabis infused sugar cubes to put in your cup of tea! It looks like they’ve thought of everything. You can even get them to cater an event like weddings or parties which means no hassle, just lots of fun.

Who knows what will be next if B Edibles stays popular in California? If you like the sound of cannabis infused cotton candy, check out The World’s First Cannabis-Infused Alcohol-Free Wine Has Arrived.

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