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Brace Yourselves For Super Mario Breakfast Cereal- It’s Actually A Thing!

At last!

Credit: Nintendo

If you’re a fan of gaming and a fan of cereal, boy do we have the thing for you. There is now officially a Super Mario breakfast cereal. It’s not two things you’d instantly assume to put together, but it’s definitely a creative idea.

Super Mario breakfast cereal may be the thing you need that you didn’t know you needed. Kellogg’s have only recently announced the launch of their innovative new cereal. You’d think that Mario is entitled to his own cereal brand, he’s way more interesting than that dog from Cookie Crisp, or that weird monster from Monster Munch. I mean hell, even Dora th Explorer has a cereal.

The Cereal:

The fun new cereal has bright red packaging and the characteristic Mario right on the front. The limited-edition cereal will be out in the US by December 11th.

The cereal supposedly consists of brightly coloured mushroom shaped pieces with a flavour of mixed berries. To add even more excitement to the picture,  some boxes will contain the special Amiibo Power-Up sticker which can be used to unlock content in Super Mario Odyssey. Now that’s what you call an action-packed, interactive breakfast experience.

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