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A Wicked Pizza Challenge With the Reward of €500 For Anyone Who Can Handle It In 30 Minutes

Think you could do it?

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There appeared to be a tempting foodie challenge on offer where you’ll be rewarded with an appetising €500 , if you nail it – some sort of ‘JUMBO’ style competition.

The generous yet brutal offer-challenge has been announced by Pinheads Pizza in Dublin, who invented the rule to eat their ‘NOTORIOUS’ pizza an inch per minute x32 times – yes, it is 32 inch long! There is a plain option to start with for €35 and if you decide to add any toppings, it will add up a bit more to your pizza-spending experience.  

Lavishly speaking, you can still have this giant pizza for free, but this is where the challenge begins – get it down your belly in half an hour, all to yourself and you’ll walk out with a well-deserved freebie, the feeling of a proud winner, plus 500 in your pocket. Seems fair?

Seriously, it does sound like a nearly impossible task unless you are a trained professional at eating as this humongous pizza is full of carbs and would feel you up pretty quickly as you begin the challenge.

So, if you decide to participate in this challenge, call up and notify Pinheads in advance as it will take them an hour to get this master pizza ready for you. Good luck and bon appizz-eet!

Credit: Wiki/ Jumbo Slice
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