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10 Flop Foods of Christmas 2023

These ho-ho-hilarious dishes certainly left some families disappointed!

Crumbling gingerbread house in front of a backdrop of Christmas lights.
Credit: Shutterstock/slava296

Christmas dinner is always a favourite tradition in the festive period. Yet, unfortunately for some, the food doesn’t always go to plan.

Here are ten dishes shared across social media that flopped on Christmas day this year…

1. Charcuterie Snowman

The snowman is a popular, festive holiday character, but this charcuterie snowman seemed more like something straight out of a nightmare.

Reddit user FlanRemarkable9116 shared their mom’s attempt at the creative Christmas treat, but people in the comments weren’t so impressed. 

“You just know that thing will come alive and come to claw your face off as soon as you fall asleep” commented u/DJAllOut.

“I eeerrrr… will not sleep tonight,” added u/Kitsupire. 

Perhaps next year they can channel something more Frosty the Snowman and less A Nightmare Before Christmas.

2. Apple Salad (with blue marshmallows)

Many families have some sort of salad on Christmas, whether its fruit salad, vegetable salad, or some sort of dessert-like Snickers salad. Reddit user EpicBaconStrip shared their family’s contribution – apple salad with blue marshmallows…

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like that or if something went wrong in the process, but other Reddit users didn’t seem to be a fan.

“Is this the after eaten photo?” u/FusterCluckered asked.

Other users were more straightfoward, like u/FlanShoddy13 who just said, “Looks fowl ngl.”

Needless to say, I don’t recommend bringing this to the family dinner next year. Consider this a flop.

3. Christmas Cake

I’m sure there any numerous types of Christmas cakes one could make, so I’m not sure why Reddit user dgib went with this one.

Fellow Redditors weren’t afraid to comment their takes about the food fail.

“The cake has a skin,” declared u/b1gc0untry64.

“Why is it made of flesh? Dare we ask what flavour is within?” wondered u/linerva.

“When you ask the deli counter to decorate the cake from the store bakery, this is what you get,” explained u/Pluviophile13.

“Save this recipe for Halloween,” recommended u/ZanzibarMufasa.

I don’t know what he was going for, but if he was trying to portray a human cake, it seems like he hit the nail on the head. 

4. Green Mold

The name itself is unappetizing, but the picture makes it even worse.

Reddit user sfp33 shared the ingredients to the “Green Mold” dish, which is a staple at his partner’s Christmas dinner: lime jello, cottage cheese, and pineapple. 

U/sfp33 admitted it was bad himself, and numerous Redditors backed him up in the comments:

“How does someone even think of this combination and then goes yeah that would taste awesome?” – Chaij2606

“At first I was thinking that was a decent attempt at guacamole. Then I saw what it actually is. Nevermind.” – Fuginshet

“Are you sure it’s not actually green mold?” – smcarre

A large amount of users also shared tips on how to make the dish better, like adding cool whip. Hopefully they follow their suggestions in 2024. 

5. Candy Cane Cookies

Sounds appetizing and festive right? Wrong. These cookies are a definite flop this Christmas. 

Reddit user espressopony shared their attempt at candy cane cookies, but quite frankly I see no trace of candy cane or cookie.

Many other Reddit users were also unable to see the vision, commenting things like:

“The remains of Hansel & Gretel” – lu/ighterguy99

“Making them out of chicken skins and bloody corn was your first mistake.” – u/respectthet

“I thought it was the skin from fried catfish.” – u/GerberBabyPlus

Better luck next year! Consider this a flop (just like that catfish).

6. Gravy?

While you may see gravy, I see puke. Reddit user UnknownUser13000 posted a picture of a gravy fail at Christmas and asked, “um is this how gravy [is] supposed to look?”

People took to the comments to explain that this is not how gravy is supposed to look. 

“That looks like vomit instead of a hot brownish liquid,” said u/Alexis_Bergman.

“Nope….. RUN ?,” recommened u/Fit_Pomegranate4579.

“I’m pretty sure this is actually chicken tendons in an applesauce reduction,” commented u/kilofeet.

Either way, gravy? No. Food flop? Yes.

7. Banana Pudding

I’m no expert on banana pudding, but I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to look like this.

Reddit user Cashem421 shared their sister-in-law’s attempt at banana pudding this Christmas and pondered in the comments about the dish. Other Redditors joined in asking:

“What is the yellow stuff on top?” – u/Mushroom-2906

“But why is it crusty?” – u/Substantial-Ad2502

Who knows though, it could’ve tasted great! However, based on looks, I’m considering this a flop.

8. Carrot and Raisin Casserole???

TikTok user @tan_blessed shared this dish from her Christmas potluck at work, which appears to be a mixture of carrots and raisins. 

This questionable combo left TikTok users taken aback:

“Steam Raisin carrot casserole is wild?” – @audacityless


“So you’ll just throw anything together & call it a casserole huh? I don’t understand anything in those pans.” – @tycyrille

9. Fire?

TikTok user @tabes9581 shared their Christmas fail, when they pulled out the oven whatever dish they were making engulfed in flames. 

It looks like some sort of meat. Ham perhaps? Based on this, it’s safe to assume it was an important dinner item. 

@bryanpatrickofficial commented a simple emoji: “?”. And I’m sure everyone else felt the same way.

Hopefully, dinner wasn’t too affected by this disaster.

10. Strawberry Santa’s

TikTok user @melsalwayshungry shared her attempt at strawberry santa’s, a cute festive treat primarily consisting of cut strawberries and whipped cream.


The last one is my personal favourite 🎅🏻🍓 #fail

♬ original sound – drip gang kodak

While still edible and cute in their own twisted way, this is an undeniable fail. @melsawayshungry even said so herself. However, the effort was definitely there so she gets some points for that.

I’d recommend trying this for yourself and seeing if you get a better outcome next Christmas! They do sound yummy. 

Looking Forward

While the food may have flopped, these people got the best Christmas gift one could offer: a good laugh and memories that last a lifetime. If you want to see some more seasonal food fails, check out these from Thanksgiving 2023. ‘Tis the season!

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Multimedia Journalism student at Grand Valley State University. Intern at Trill Mag. Lover of iced tea and desserts.

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