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Snoop Dogg Replaces Fake Joints With Real Ones Resulting In A Very High McConaughey

You gotta go low to get high

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Everyone loves a good stoner film. A couple of bros, smoking weed, living their best lives, what more do you need? When “The Beach Bum” release was slated for 2019, people everywhere went nuts. The combination of cannabis king, Snoop Dogg, and self-proclaimed sex object, Matthew McConaughey, is a stoner film’s match made in heaven.

As you can imagine, the duo have been involved in many an antic on set of their movie. The best story comes from a recent “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” interview. There is obviously a lot of “smoking” done throughout the movie. But the joints used in the film are simply props – can you image the actors actually reciting their lines while high? Well, if anyone could do it, it would probably be Snoop.

Anyway, Snoop revealed on Kimmel that at one point during filming, he replaced all of the prop joints with real marijuana. With the cameras rolling and scenes taking place over and over again, McConaughey unknowingly smoked an insane amount of weed. This resulted in the actor getting so high that he proceeded to rap for 13 hours straight.

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No harm, no foul, really (assuming filming had wrapped for the day). But the movie’s crew should have seen this coming. You can’t put Snoop Dogg in a stoner film and expect him to smoke fake joints. Blasphemy! Let’s be honest, Snoop probably lit up before all of his scenes anyway…we all know he does his best work when he’s high.

Does The Beach Bum sound up your alley? Take a look at the trailer for the bro comedy of the year.

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Although he’s a prankster, Snoop Dogg knows when to dish out the profoundness.

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