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Police Warn Against Latest Drug Craze

Points for creativity and stupidity for this latest craze.

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There are some pretty creative ways of getting high and a lot of drugs that will help you along the way. Mostly we hear about the plant and chemical based drug-paraphernalia. However, you don’t often think of wheelie bins being a potential high.

That’s right those bins that you put out every week in anticipation of being emptied, could be used for a buzz. Teenagers in Manchester have apparently been setting alight these plastic vessels and inhaling the fumes.

A mixture of the dye in the plastic and the plastic itself create a fume when set alight said to get you stoned. Although, police warn that this is severely toxic and should not be practiced. To make matters worse, the recent incidents in Manchester have been recorded as happening in children’s play areas.

Both GMP and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have received several reports of bins being set on fire in recent weeks. This is extremely dangerous as the fumes from the plastic are highly toxic.

Greater Manchester Police

This is reckless and dangerous on so many levels. Not only does it put people potentially out of pocket in terms of stolen bins. Also, it ruins and closes down wherever the burnt remnants are left, rendering public spaces unuseable. Furthermore, it could cause serious harm or injury to the offenders.

People have been warned to not leave their bins out unnecessarily. However, with substance-abuse charities saying this is more dangerous than sniffing glue or petrol, it might not be long before some fatalities scare this craze off.

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