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MDMA Is Now Being Used To Treat Alcoholics



Now, the majority of us today know that one of the most abused substance, is alcohol. Even though there are many resources like rehabilitation facilities and natural remedies; still a great amount of people fall short. Reverting back to alcoholism or other addictive substances.

Therefore, as predictable as it seems, new research and remedies has began to surface. Child psychiatrist, Dr. Ben Sessa is going to run an experiment  that will involve twenty alcoholics or consenting guinea pigs, in Bristol, England. Within this study, Sessa will use not only MDMA (also known as ecstasy or by the street name of molly), but a mental therapy.

Thus, seeing if the ecstasy lessens the craving for alcohol. Already many have drawn skepticism from this experiment. Many are worried if the MDMA is going to be so strong that patients will negatively react. Another fear that arises is if the patients will then be weaned off of alcohol, only to become addicted to MDMA.

Gladly, Dr. Sessa has responded by saying he has worked with many patients that suffer from some kind of post traumatic stress disorder, [PTSD], that uses alcohol to “cope”. Since MDMA has not only worked for, but helped build the empathy of his past patients, Sessa believes the same for the fortunate twenty.

Now obviously I’m not a doctor, but how does Dr. Bessa assume to efficiently and effectively resolve an alcohol addiction, ( a liquid drug) with another drug which is MDMA?  Also, to put the icing on the cake this study will cost $70,000; in which buying ecstasy from the local drug dealer would help cut the cost . But honestly, this experiment is so wacky that it might just work.

It looks like drugs are becoming safe for recreation. This Artist took a different drug everyday for 20 days, see what happened to him! 

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