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Joey Bada$$ Says ‘There’s No Need For Weed’

Joey Bass, American rapper speaks out at how weed destoys young lives.

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American hip hop artist speaks out to fans on why ‘weed’ isn’t the answer.

Joey Badass made the news in the world of hip hop, by expressing his thoughts on weed. He spoke out on social media to explain that there are other methods that people could use to de-stress. Marijuana has been strongly associated with music such as rap and hip hop over the years, but Joey Badass has recently opened up to fans, saying it’s not something you should be doing as there’s too much to accomplish in life.

Joey Badass was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The 23-year-old rapper is known for being a founding member of a hip-hop group known as the ‘Pro Era.’

In 2012, he continued in this industry but went on to become a solo artist. He released a mixtape that went under the name of ‘1999.’ Due to the success of this album, Joey went on to release two more solo mixtapes under his belt. In 2015 a solo debut album followed, which was titled ‘B4 DA $$’ and then he went on to star in an American television series called ‘Mr Robot. After that, he went back to what he’s best at and released another solo album but this time titled ‘ALL-AMERIKKAN BADA$$.’ This was released around April last year.

(Image: @joeybadass Instagram)
(Image: @joeybadass Instagram)

In relation to his current decision to give up smoking weed he says, ‘From not smoking weed for over two months, I feel 1000 times better for it.’ He also goes on to say, ‘I feel like smoking is for older people who have worked a long time and are looking to relax.’ He states that for younger people, weed will just slow you down and stop you from reaching your destination.’

He admits that he knows a lot of people use it to relax and de stress, but he goes on to say that there are other activities you could pursue that give you the same effect, such as meditation. This is a hobby and lifestyle which the rapper has taken up himself.

So, when you put on your playlist of Joey Bad$$ and other hip-hop artists in the future, let’s hope instead of lying on your bed smoking weed, you will instead be in a mind of karma by giving meditation a go.

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