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Guy’s Brain Tumor Disappears After Vaping Marijuana

Do you even vape, bro?


We’ve all heard of the benefits of cannabis as a source of easing the symptoms of different diseases, such as cancer, but what about its curable properties?   

A guy, 32-year-old Phil James, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015 and claims that vaping marijuana cured it. Of course, he didn’t only rely on the drugs to cure him.

He also balanced vaping with his healthy eating habits, which obviously paid off since he notes that there are now minimal traces of the tumor in his brain:

“I was told I had two years to live. I was told there was nothing that could be done.

I took the advice about using cannabidiol from London St George’s university’s paper showing its effects on Glioma (brain cancer) and I changed to a strict, healthy diet.

I’m a two-year survivor of brain cancer, I use CBD Indica, and I would rather be illegally alive than legally dead. I do put it down to diet and taking CBD.

Seeing (ex-cabinet minister) Tessa Jowell recently has put brain cancer back in the news but it also highlights the standard of care has not made any significant ground since the mid 90’s.”

I am now able to work as a freelance 3D artist for science education and I pay my taxes and it’s all thanks to cannabis.

I’ve even been able to get my driving license back.”

His situation sounds pretty miraculous; and yet, we can’t really confirm whether or not the cannabis is responsible for his recovery, but you never know.

When in doubt, smoke it out!

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