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Family Party Goes Awry After Grandparents Eat Edible-Laden Cake

Not ideal.

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Looking for a way to spice up your next family party? Definitely don’t take a page out of this clan’s book. While it may sound funny to secretly spike desserts with drugs, it’s rather cruel – and even dangerous – to do so.

Sheila, an Australian woman, recently recounted the story of a family-party-gone-wrong to radio station 3AW. 

“Everyone was having a lovely time, and cake was passed around at dessert with fruit and cream and some nice little chocolate chunks sprinkled over it.

It turns out the chocolate chunks contained marijuana.

The culprit assumed that the addition of a load of weed to the chocolate birthday cake would liven up the family birthday party.

The effect was not immediate, which I now know is the case with edibles.

Within an hour I was experiencing throat swelling and dizziness. Within three hours, myself and four other family members were hospitalized with overdose.

Apparently, I’m allergic to cannabis, or whatever it was, in that very high dose.

My 80 year old parents were also taken to the hospital.

One was vomiting; the other had an extremely high heart rate.

We were all terrified because we didn’t know for some hours what was going on…people were passing out…[the hospital staff] would have been frustrated because we were all talking nonsense. Everyone who was at this event was calling one another, and we didn’t really know we were high.

Eventually the prankster came clean, and we all ended up OK, but it was an absolute nightmare for a minute there.”

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Though some people at the party may have enjoyed this little joke (hey, free weed!), it seems that the reality was much grimmer than the prankster envisioned. We are wondering which of the family members was the culprit? Perhaps one of the rebellious teenagers?

We bet the prankster won’t be let out of the house for a long while after this one.

Maybe the family should have attended the Cannabis Cup first to get their feet wet.

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