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Drug Smugglers Have Begun Using Avocados To Transport Cocaine

No wonder avocado prices keep rising!

With all this talk of trade wars with Mexico and China, amongst others, it is easy for us to assume that is why we are paying more for imported produce and goods. While this is certainly a factor, a new video has surfaced that may explain why avocado prices, in particular, have gone up so much recently. After seeing the video, I can see why! It’s not entirely surprising but still kind of shocking that its taken this long to come out.

This May Make You Think Twice About Buying Avocados

Watch this video and tell me this doesn’t make you question, even just a little bit, about buying avocados to make some guacamole or put it on toast.

Payano, Denny. Cocaine in avocados. March 5, 2020. Retrieved via

How crazy is that! To think that if that guy hadn’t popped that avocado open and found the cocaine, that could have come pouring out at your house when all you wanted was some avocado to snack on. Those are the boxes that get shipped to grocery stores so its entirely possible. This has got me thinking twice about it for sure.

Stock Catalog. Avocados. February 14, 2017. Received via

So next time you go to the grocery store with a hankering to make guacamole, maybe think twice about it. Or if you pick it up and it feels lighter or is making some kind of noise when you shake it, put that one down and walk away. Either try another grocery store or just get the prepared stuff. It’s not as good but it may be a little safer since hopefully the cocaine wasn’t mashed up in those. But this isn’t really going to stop most of us so just be careful when picking out avocados. Hopefully, all the cocaine-filled ones are being stopped at the source but you never know.

Featured Image: svensson, olle. avocado. December 13, 2008. Retrieved via

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