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Charles Manson Documentary Reveals Killer’s Last Words



A true American horror story, Charles Manson was one of the most well-known criminals of the 1960s. He was a terrifying cult leader who forced his followers to murder nine people in California over a two-month span. He recently died in prison at the age of 83 while serving his life sentence without parole.

Insane does not even begin to cover Manson.

Though he and his cult, the Manson Family, were deranged and horrifying, there has been extensive publicity surrounding Manson’s death. Reelz, a US cable network, is set to air an exclusive Manson documentary December 3rd. The broadcast, dubbed “Charles Manson: The Final Words” was originally set to air next year. Upon Manson’s death, however, the feature is now coming earlier.

Striking while the iron is hot?

The premise of the show is extremely chilling to say the least. Among other eerie moments, it features several phone conversations Manson had with Rob Zombie. Zombie is horror filmmaker and a metal rock singer. Supposedly, the two men started an “unusual friendship” late last year, and Manson frequently called Zombie from prison.

Eager to see a sneak peek of the documentary? Watch the promo below:

From the looks of this preview, it’s unclear if viewers will actually witness Manson’s final words. Audiences will, however, get a deeper look inside the mind of one America’s most-feared criminals. Keep your eye out for this one when it airs…looks like it’s going to be just as wild as Charles Manson himself.

Could Manson’s evilness have been predicted? This personality doctor says “yes”.

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