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Blair Witch Project Comes to Life With Terrifying New Escape Room

Fans of the classic indie horror film will now be able to experience the exact same fear factor.

Credit- Pixabay/ Peter H

Fans of the classic indie horror film will now be able to experience the exact same fear factor.

The house will be a creepy re-creation of the 100-year-old house in the woods which has terrified viewers as a group of teenagers look into a set of disappearances linked to the legend of the Blair Witch Project.

According to different sources, an actor will guide groups around the recreation of the haunted house, which will have jump scares and a lot of suspense bound to be enjoyed by die-hard fans. 

Credit- Pixabay/ Free-Photos

The attraction is expected to be busy, with a huge demand for horror in Las Vegas. Jenifer Brown, who runs the interactive exhibits for Lionsgate said ‘said, ‘We really think that it’s not only in Vegas, there’s a huge demand for horror. If you look at the box office, horror movies were increasing in market share in the years prior to the pandemic… there’s a fan base with a penchant for horror.’

With the movie being such a cult classic, the attraction is bound to be a hit. If you are a fan of real-life horror, why not check out the social dilemma.

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