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40-Year-Old Woman Falsely Accuses Police Detective of Rape

She got what all liars deserve.

She got what all liars deserve.

As sensitive as sexual misconduct cases are, it is important to remain impartial, especially when all the evidence isn’t there. Both women and men suffer as victims of sexual misconduct. These cases take over their lives, while they try to get the justice they deserve, so it’s not only frustrating but reckless when someone comes out with a false accusation for their own amusement.

That is the case with 40-year-old Halina Khan. She accused a Leicestershire police detective of raping her–someone whom she’d never even met.

The story starts when Khan’s car was stolen from the Regency Hotel in Greater Manchester where Khan was staying. Her first lie to the police was that her car was stolen by an ex, then since that wasn’t creative enough, she told them that she was an escort and her car was stolen by her client. Third times the charm–her third lie was that she was raped by the detective in the hotel on the previous night. She only knew the detective’s name because in 2011, he had investigated her second ex-husband.

Khan did admit that she made this up when the police questioned her but she refused to make a statement. Unfortunately, because of her resistance, authorities were forced to investigate the claim anyway, turning the life of an innocent man into hell.

The detective burdened what would be a five-week investigation, after being picked up from his home, in front of his wife and kids. This made the detective look guilty anyway, and caused a strain on his relationships, especially with his wife and employers. After he was found innocent, he was so beaten down with anxiety and depression that he was forced to take a six-week leave of absence from work. He’s currently back at work now but doesn’t believe his life will ever be the same.

Khan, thankfully, got what all liars of sexual misconduct and rape deserve. She is now spending two years and three months in prison. Some might argue that it’s too short a sentence for devastating someone’s whole life.

While on trial, it was discovered that she was peaked with depression and suffered from complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Authorities also revealed that she had consumed at least a bottle of vodka on the night she made that terrible accusation.

Messed up in the head or not, that’s no excuse for ruining someone’s life for your own amusement. You obviously have a streak of evil in you, or chronic boredom.

For more gut-wrenching news, here’s Crab vs. Enemies.

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