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2/3 of Adults in the U.S. Don’t Want To Live Forever

More humans say they would choose mortality.

Immortal Me/Flickr

Apparently, the notion most people want to live forever is terribly incorrect. 

From movies, TV shows, and novels, humanity has dedicated much attention to the concept of immortality, often resulting in the retelling of myths and urban legends. 

However, published research in the Journal of Aging Studies reveals that only 33 percent of respondents would take a pill to be immortal. 

Those investigated were separated into three categories: young adults, younger-older adults, and older-old adults. 

Photo by Phuc Pham from Pexels

Despite the age range, most respondents answered similarly and agreed that they would prefer it to be at a younger age if frozen in time. 

It comes as a shock then, the high amount of beauty products and research centered around the topic of longevity.  

Surprising, if given the opportunity, many choose a mortal life. 

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