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Tennis W**ker: Nick Kyrgios Fined For Act With Bottle!

The worst sportsmanship.

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Generally in the World of sport it’s frowned upon to diss or humiliate your opponent. Like looked on pretty bad, which explains why tennis player Nick Kyrgios was fined $17,500. The actual reason was for simulating a sexual act with his water bottle during a match. What a sore loser.

To set the scene, Kyrgios had lost multiple sets in the Queens Club Championship. The event took place in England during the weekend. Clearly Kyrgios was unhappy with his losses as he simulated jacking off with his water bottle. Video evidence can be seen here:


Taking the loss like a champ, right? Maybe don’t drink from the same bottle after. Looks a bit off there big man.

Although I do not think the fine will make much of a dent seeing that his bank balance is $6,151,098. I even doubt if this will affect his career much seeing Kyrgios is coming off a title win at Brisbane and he was making big bucks since he turned pro back in 2013. At the very least hopefully its the wake up call he needs.

For more on the tennis World click here.

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