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Stimulus Checks Cause Interesting Purchases in the US

I’d buy an inflatable pool…

Why use your stimulus check for food when you could buy a stripper pole instead?

Since coronavirus hit in January and forced us into lockdown a month or so ago, many have been facing job losses. Therefore, many have found themselves without sufficient funds to exist comfortably.

One way the US federal government has sought to tackle this is through stimulus checks. The check – of $1,200 – is being sent to single Americans earning less than $75,000. For married couples, the amount doubles, as does the threshold.

Now, it isn’t news that American citizens haven’t been coping so well with coronavirus changes. News broke just a few days ago of Florida beaches being packed with people (who definitely weren’t social distancing). So, there was definitely a chance the stimulus checks might not go so well.

As stimulus checks rolled out, twitter became full of how people were spending their money.

Whilst these are clearly jokes, what else can you expect from Twitter?

Some used the medium to highlight how little the stimulus check is (and how wild capitalistic prices can get).

For real though, though these tweets are meant to be funny, there’s a darker underside to them. Many people are finding themselves in situations in which they are struggling to pay for basic necessities. Whilst it’s good the government is doing something to help, it is depressing to know that money can barely cover anything.

Except a stripper pole. It can cover that, evidently.

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