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Professor Explains All You Need to Know About Time-Travel

Mind blown.

'Trojans in Space' by Ashleen Knusten

In a short two minutes and forty seconds, Brian Green who is a professor of physics and mathematics teaches us all how time-travel is possible. According to Greene, Albert Einstein had already discovered the phenomenon years ago.

In the video, it is explained that there are two distinct types of time-travel. Time-travel to the future and time-travel to the past. Green states that it is common knowledge that going forwards in time to the future is “definitely possible”. Whereas time-travel to the past is less likely to be a reality.

Albert Einstein’s theory states that if you were to enter space and travel close to speed of light, and then turn around and return. Then your clock will show time as physically ticking more slowly; therefore, when you return to Earth it will be the future. Anyone else slightly confused? Here is the actual video to aid your understanding, or to add to your confusion.

Also in the video, Green chats about the benefits of a strong source of gravity. If you got close to that source, then time would slow down compared to everyone else. Therefore, upon returning to Earth you would find yourself in the future.

What about Time-Travel to the Past?

The idea that we may be able to revisit the past is not supported by many in the field of physics. Those who do see some realism in the idea incorporate the idea of wormholes. Green puts this simply, explaining them as a ‘bridge’ from one place in space to another. How this relates to time travel is horrifically confusing and rather than me struggling to explain how it works, I would implore you to just watch the video.

If science is your thing, or even if its not, this is still a really cool concept. Green does his very best to explain the ins and outs of all this spacey stuff- I mean I’m still confused but I only got a C in Physics GCSE.

If this has peaked your interest in all things ‘sciencey’, then look at Elon Musk and his quest to colonise Mars!

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