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How To Earn £200 By Spending Halloween In A Graveyard

Fancy a haunting Halloween earning easy cash?

Image Via Tim Green/Flickr

A Company Wants To Pay You £200 To Spend Halloween In A Graveyard. Would You Brave It?

I was speaking to my friend who is a Biology student, and she had to go to a graveyard and take down the names and dates of death of random men and women for an experiment for 2 hours!

Being in a graveyard is terrifying enough but getting paid for it? Maybe you could push that fear aside for a few hours, even if this is literally the start of a horror film.

With Halloween just around the corner, a paranormal investigator is looking for five people to spend a night in a midlands graveyard to help prove that it is haunted.

Each brave (or stupid) participant will get £200 if they can make it through the whole night.

The participants chosen for the experience will need to meet the investigator at an undisclosed location. He will then take the group to the cemetery. Is it just me who thinks this is a horror film in the making?

However, a benefit is that there is free food and drink provided, but participants must have their own camping equipment. If it is a dry night, tents will not be used.

Participants will also have to be comfortable with spending the full night there at the graveyard and will not be allowed to leave. The investigator will be performing ‘rituals’ throughout the night and participation will be required.

The request states that five people are needed so that they can lie in an inverted pentagram. (Here comes the cult.)

When positioned upside down, with two of its five points sticking up and one pointing down, a pentagram is said to resemble a horned goat and is widely considered an evil symbol of Satan.

Image Via BirminghamLive

So, a paranormal investigtor wants to pay five participants to summon satan? What a festive way to spend Halloween!

Here is the rest of his advertisment, which only makes this weirder!

Hi ,

Hope you’re well.

I’ve been trading through your site as a paranormal investigator for a year or so now, and the majority of my business does come from you guys – most of the requests for my services come through Bark, and I was wondering if you could help me on a request of my own.

On the 31st as I’m sure you’re aware it is Halloween, which many believe stemmed from the Sahmain ritual, and was celebrated during a time dedicated to remembering the dead, and I need five people to accompany me to a graveyard.

I don’t want to reveal too many details here, but I need five people to come to a paranormal hotspot which I discovered recently in Worcestershire. I’ve been researching the area for quite some time, and waiting for the right moment to test my theory, and as the 31st tends to be a more active time for paranormal activity that’s the night I’ve chosen to do it.

I need five people, who I will pay £200 for a night’s work with me. They won’t be required to do anything as such, except follow my instructions and stay at the location all night. It’s also worth noting that they’ll be required to sleep in an inverted pentagram and if they do decide to leave, which they are free to do at any point, they won’t receive payment.

I’m planning on performing various rituals in order to attract spirits near the epicentre of the energy surrounding the area, and will need the five people chosen to participate in them with me. For anyone who is keen to participate, they’ll need to send me detailed background info on their childhood and family history, as well as every tragedy that has occurred in their life.

I’ll be choosing the five people on the 30th October and contacting them on the morning of the 31st via phone, where I will disclose a meeting place and time. From there, we will travel together in my vehicle to the graveyard. Again, it’s worth noting that all participants must travel alone to the location, and if I suspect they’ve disclosed it to anyone else I will be forced to call it off.

I’ll also need detailed feedback the next day, and one week on from the event to see what energy transmitted through each person and what they saw, as well as whether they felt any spiritual presence come over them during the night.

I must stress this is a serious event, and attending should not be taken lightly. We will be calling on spirits and entities from the other side, and if anyone feels they won’t be able to stay for the entire night, I would recommend they don’t put themselves forward.

Other info: I’ll bring food and drink but people will need their own camping equipment. Ideally, and if weather allows, we won’t use tents but October in the UK is known for rain so pays to be prepared.

I know this isn’t typically how your site works, but if you could help me find people willing to attend I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you

Don’t you just love obscure advertisments like that? The advertisement itself was found on, you have to sign up to their website to apply for the job. To be honest, I think I will give it a miss and enjoy eating chocolate at home.

However, if any of you are brave enough for this, you can register your interest here.

To keep with the theme, check out this article on a woman who is in love with a ghost and planning on having children with it, reckon they met in that graveyard?

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