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Did Our Milky Way Form From Black Holes?

That’s a deep hole.

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Black holes are mysterious objects. While astrophysicists have learned quite a bit about these black abysses-of-nothing, there is still so much to uncover about them.

YouTube user Veritasium recently posted a video going extremely in-depth about spinning black holes. Veristasium explains that these supernovas aren’t just sitting in the middle of space waiting to swallow everything that comes their way. Rather, black holes rotate incredibly fast and can contribute to the formation of galaxies.

Some holes even eat entire solar systems! Scarily enough, scientists have proven that there is a supermassive black hole sitting in the center of the Milky Way.

Have you wrapped your head around all this yet? Veritasium explains the research behind these colossal and mind-boggling entities in easy-to-follow language.

Take a look:


Do these behemoths actually lead to other dimensions? Freaky stuff.

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