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A House On the Moon Could Be Yours For Just $325,067 A Month

The Final Frontier.

For those wanting to get away from it all and escape your boring, terrible life on Earth then here’s your chance. If you’ve got a few hundred thousand bucks to burn, of course.

We’re pretty far off from living on the moon, but not as far off as you might think. It’s within the realm of possibility that humans will be residents of Earth’s only satellite in the years to come, but how much will it cost?

The answer is: $325,067 a month. Looks like I won’t be going, I don’t get paid for these articles!

From U.S. National Archives

But the price seems more reasonable when you consider how hard it is to get to the moon, I mean you couldn’t even do it right now if you wanted to. In the future when there are lunar settlements, they’ll have to contend with the most inhospitable environment imaginable with no gravity, radiation and the need to protect against meteor hits.

You’ll also need to get a “land license” to live on the moon, because capitalism doesn’t stop at the stratosphere, folks. An acre of land in “The Sea of Rains”, which is the most coveted territory, would cost about $113.09 while an acre of “The Sea of Vapours” would cost $16.26.

This isn’t even factoring in the overall costs of transporting everything to the moon to make living there a reality, but that’s not the concern of a potential homeowner like yourself. All you need to know is that the moon is cool, and you should live there. Plus your moon-house would likely have a markup price of 27.61 percent in case you ever decide to flip it (it might be easier with lower gravity).

From Pixabay

I say if you can afford it, you should absolutely buy a moon house. Or better yet just hitch a ride to the moon and carve out some of that lunar frontier for yourself to build a nice little ranch on your own! It’s free real estate. But if you want to scout the moon first to make sure the cold, desolate rock is right for you then check out this Japanese billionaire offering free rides to the moon.

Featured image from Pixabay

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