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Winner of Reality TV Show Will Go To Space

The Discovery Channel’s new reality show, Who Wants to Be An Astronaut?, will send the winner to the International Space Station.

Credit: Flickr/NASA Johnson

The Discovery Channel’s new reality show, Who Wants to Be An Astronaut?, will send the winner to the International Space Station.

The eight-episode series is currently looking for 10 contestants to join the battle to prove themselves space-worthy. 

Boat Rocker Studios, Unscripted (the studio co-producing the show) President Jay Peterson told the New York Times they’re looking for a diverse group of people that each has their own story.’ 

He said they’ll want to know ‘why they want to go to space, why they’re worthy of going to space, what their back story is,’ in casting. 

Credit: The U.S. National Archives

Discovery had been in conversation with Axiom last year about the potential of a space-based reality show. The network pitched it as a ‘premium documentary’ rather than a new Survivor or something similar to other physically demanding reality shows. 

Paul Ricci, founder of BoomTown Content Company, another company involved in the show, said it will focus more on what it really takes to succeed as an astronaut. 

‘If these are the qualities that astronauts need to have, then we can model challenges that test those qualities. Things like problem-solving, teamwork, precision and focus, grace under pressure, handling the unexpected,’ he said.

Deputy Manager for NASA’s space station said it’s been a dream come true to ‘allow everyone access to space.’ 

Last month, NASA revealed it signed with Axiom Space to send the first private mission to the space station. Though not yet confirmed, it’s anticipated that whoever wins Who Wants to Be An Astronaut? will go on the second mission.

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